M-art Tattoo Studio



    The decision to make a tattoo does not come spontaneously, most likely it is a weighted thoughtful step and it is very important to choose experienced tattoo artist.

    In our studio main aspect is quality, we put it above everything and follow this rule, performing any work, whether it is a multicolor tattoo or a small element.

    Examples of our work you can view in the photogallery.


    from 3000 RUB


    Tattoo Correction can be made by two main methods: correction or cover-up. Correction, in fact, is a partial cover-up of the old tattoo with new parts. Full cover-up of the old tattoo usually means tattoing a completely new picture.

    Examples of our work you can view in the photogallery.


    from 6000 RUB

    Permanent makeup

    The method of permanent makeup of eyebrows, eyes or lips based on the same principles as the original tattooing. However, there are some significant differences. Permanent makeup is done by using special equipment, and the needle affects only the top layer of skin. Therefore, the process of permanent makeup is almost painless, and the permanent makeup can be also relatively easily removed with special equipment.

    Under natural conditions, permanent makeup is not washed off and does not tarnish. The pigment which is injected under the skin during permanent makeup is stored extremely long.

    Examples of our work you can view in the photogallery.


    from 5000 RUB

    Henna drawings

    Mehndi — temporary henna drawing on the body.

    Henna powder is produced from plants Lawsonia inermis, usually grows in the Middle East and in other areas with hot dry climate. Henna powder is used for many things. For example, for hair care, treatment of rash at high temperature or skin conditioner. The main plant leaves best suited for mehndi, while lower parts of the plant are used for other purposes.

    Henna paste is also used for drawing on the body.


    from 500 RUB


    Piercing — a form of body modification, creation of a puncture for jewelry. The concept of «piercing» can be referred to both the process of piercing and a holes made by piercing.

    In our studio you can make any piercing you want, furthermore, you can buy a piercing jewelry you like.


    Puncture – from 1200 RUB

    Piercing jewelry – from 300 RUB

    Tattoo removal

    If you want to remove your tattoo or lighten it to make more qualitative and interesting cover-up later, we’re pleased to offer a laser removal service. Prices for tattoo laser removal.


    from 1000 RUB. The exact cost will be determined during a personal free consultation.